Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Never Ending Chocolate Bar.


This is definitely the most straightforward title for a short story I have ever read. 

I won't lie, this brings back memories of a story I had written when I was in the fourth grade, and I was certain that I could get it published and be rich and famous. 

I had typed up the story "The Never Ending Chocolate Bar" (Or should I say *THE NEVER ENDING CHOCOLATE BAR*?) on the computer for the first time, so I thought myself to be pretty tech savvy already. The words had seemed to just be flowing out at rapid 20 wpm speed (look at those fourth grader fingers go, am I right?) 

The story itself had been what I wished would happened to me upon entering a candy shop. The little girl went in to buy a normal chocolate bar, but the man behind the counter suggested that she give $5 for this special candy bar, and she'd never have to pay for another one again.

Pretty cool. 

It's weird to think about that now, just as William Kennedy said in his short story. Just like his mom, both my parents praised my story and said it was really good, and I glowed with pride. 

Every couple of days I find this story that I printed out of the computer, and it gives me a chuckle at the hope I had had as a 9 year old.

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