Thursday, March 1, 2012

Never gonna give you up, blog.

Right, so. I promised myself that I would keep updating this blog with posts well after finishing the lovely class of AP Comp, and I had been doing a really good job with keeping up with my goal, but recently...I started to slack.

Now I'm guessing all of my devoted readers were dying of what's been happening in my life lately (because I am so internet famous) so I will get you up to speed. In a very focused list. Ready? Here we go.

Umm. Walking into WHS is like slamming into a wall of stress. You can feel it, you can smell it, hear it, everything. Especially the day a part is due for Mo Pro. Oh, Mo Pro. I have the this term. Since anyone that has interacted with a senior at our school already knows the woes of Mo Pro, I'll spare you the whining* (I'm still doing it in person though). Alongside Mo Pro, I have Journalism 2 (did you see my articles in the Trojan Tribune?), Calc Concepts (DeArmond is the best teacher ever) and AP Psych (who doesn't love Johnson?). In these classes, I don't have any teachers with the sass of Cardona or a tight knit friend group with people like Jenna and Kira (though I do have AP Psych with Jenna). Oh well. Life goes on.

I applied for a job at Pump it Up. It involves lots of kids. Wish me luck.

I'm probably going to end up going to the U of M for college, and living at home. I used to be really annoyed by this, and still kind of am, but I've gotten over it now. Whatever. U of M is still a great school and having a good education is what college is for, right? Right?

Yeah I turned 18 on February 24th. It was the best birthday I've ever had, my parents are honestly the best. They worked so hard to make me happy, and I'm really grateful. They not only took me out to dinner with our family, but managed to get my friends from my old school to surprise visit me & sleepover on Friday night, send us to MOA for like 7 hours on Saturday, and then pay for me to take my WHS friends to brunch. I'm lucky, very lucky.

So, yeah. 19 days until Spring break. 58 days until Graduation. I can do it.

*Ugh I hate Mo Pro so much it's not even funny, I fall asleep every day in class and then I have no idea what's happening in class or on the test, economics has never been my strong point. Also I'm sick of MLA format and in text citations already and we haven't even turned Part 2 in. Whatevs. 


  1. I, your devoted reader, actually have been waiting for a new post!

    And I read your article, I'm so proud to see my friend's name in the Trojan Tribune (and that may have sounded condescending or whatever, but I actually am).

    Just because I'm in this sort of mood...

    Also, U of M is a really good school. And you will like it. And I will come back to visit you often and it will be good. And we will skype. Mkay?

    Good luck with Pump It Up! You'd be great there.

    I like that you're counting down already...
    I try to not know, so then one day it'll just surprise me.

  2. Three way skype? yep. And I feel like I have talked to you in person about the other stuff... Or Kira already said what I was thinking... So it feels like a waste to comment about it... But I am glad you had such a good birthdays. Birthdays are great and important and I really like them :)