Sunday, April 8, 2012

I am the worst at keeping promises to myself.


I am really upset with myself for being so lazy with blogging. I had promised myself to blog at least once every week, but I totally let that go. Kira's been totally on top of things with blogging. She's great.

I'll blame Mo Pro...(don't we tend to blame Mo Pro for anything and everything anyway? Global warming? Blame Mo Pro!)

Okay, now I feel kind of nervous to blog. Is that weird? I used to really look forward to it, now I'm like I"m going to disappoint my reader. I guess there's really no way to see how it goes unless I


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  1. You can totally blame MoPro. Because it is the cause of all evil.

    But honestly, I'm not upset or anything (jokingly, yes); I don't want you to be stressed and trying to randomly blog just because.

    I just sincerely enjoy reading anything you write.

    I like that you linked me haha, you're cute.