Friday, July 15, 2016

fact check

so, i've attempted to blog several times. in 2010 i had a blog that was titled "just a small town girl"...yeah. anyway, on the inaugural post of that blog (which was titled "awkward introduction" like isn't that the most 2010 thing you've ever heard?), I listed 10 random facts about myself. it's funny to look back on them and see how things have changed. edits have been made to the 16 year old's blog entry by a now 22 years old fatima. 

10/23/2010 | 07/15/2016
1. I don't have any pets. One reason for this is because i am lazy, and I doubt i'd be able to take care of another living organism. BUT! If I could, I would get one of those really cute furry dogs, that are called... Maltese? SO CUTE. 
my family has a cat now! her name is luna and she is adorable. i am obsessed. we got her february 2015.

2. My favorite soda is Pepsi. This sucks because most restaurants have Coke. ("Can I have Pepsi?" "Is Coke okay?" "....fine.")
this is still very true. i also love how dramatic i was about the pepsi crisis.

3. I am apparently obsessed with polka dots.
awww. i remember when this was a thing. polka dots were always a pattern i was drawn to. however i have outgrown that for the most part, but i am still a fan of kate spade merch which is primarily polka dots. so there is some lingering affection there. 

4. HARRY POTTER. Need I say more....?
so cute <3 .="" a="" but="" font="" freak="" harry="" is="" less="" material="" nbsp="" nerd.="" of="" original="" out="" over.="" potter="" still="" the="" there="" to="">

5. The name of my blog is what it is because that's what I kind of was? Before I moved to where I currently live I did live in a small town and I loved it.
yikes girl you gotta chill. 

6. Dwight K. Schrute is a freaking beast.
obviously still true af. i rewatched the office not too long ago. 

7. I am glancing around my room as I type this list trying to come up with crazy things to put down. I also asked my best friend to tell me something, so we'll see what she says and write that down for #10.
ok fatima this is so not a fact about you. like how lame. also aw i was so sad and lonely around this time because i missed my small town friends. 

8. I would LOVE to study abroad.
I did not study abroad...but i have been fortunate to be able to go abroad with my family in the past year or so. 

9. I don't wear make up because I don't know how to put it on. Ha...ha...ha.
this is my favorite one because as i have gotten older i have learned to like and appreciate makeup. i used to think of applying makeup as a chore, and couldn't even put on eyeliner. i worked really hard to put on makeup for eid and someone actually asked me, "who did your makeup?" best day ever. shallow, but true. 

10. I hate scary movies :( [thanks Amber, i love you. haha.]
this is still so true. unfortunately i am a giant baby. also i haven't talked to amber in 

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