Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Heart Gingers

I don't know about you guys, but when I was little and a TV show or a movie had more than one main character, I would always pick one to be my favorite out of the three (the usual number). I would then role play as this character, I admit it, in games my friends and I played.

Usually in television shows when they have these multiple main characters, there's a brunette one, a blonde one, and a redhead, so that a wider audience can "relate" to these characters, per se. Since about the age of six, I've always been drawn to the redheads.

The Little Mermaid: Yeah yeah yeah, I know I wrote an anti-Disney princess essay but Ariel's hair always fascinated me, especially because it was all flowy underwater.
Powerpuff Girls: my favorite was Blossom. Just look at how fierce she is! She totally falls under what is known as a "fiery redhead."
Totally Spies: This show was about girls that had normal teenager problems to deal with, but they were spies, also (and their gadgets were makeup related items. That was the coolest thing ever for ten year old Fatima). It's dorky, but it was a good show at the time. The redheaded spy, Sam, was my favorite.
Charlie's Angels: Oh she's very pretty! thought a young Fatima as her mother quickly flipped past the channel this show was played on.
Harry Potter:  I developed a huge crush (which, by the way, is still going strong) on Ron Weasley/Rupert Grint after the first movie came out.
Rugrats: Who could resist the adorable Chuckie Finster?

"Gingers have no soul"? Pshhh, each and every one of them has a BEAUTIFUL SOUL.

Enjoy some pictures:


  1. This makes me happy. Although you are definitely wrong about the PowerPuff Girls. Buttercup was the best, because she actually kicked butt.

  2. I liked that spy show too!! And I like how you linked a Jesse McCartney song :) I agree with you, I LOVE GINGERS! I wish I could pull of red hair.