Saturday, August 15, 2015


Hi Blog.

I have been talking to old friends from AP Comp recently, and it made me nostalgic for the time in my life when I took one of my favorite classes in high school, which involved an even briefer time when I was writing so much and so often, that I actually looked back at what I wrote and thought to myself, "wow. This is pretty good."

Anyway. Of course as soon as senior year ended and the blog posts were no longer required, I stopped writing them, even though I told myself I wouldn't. That's how it usually goes for me. So I won't be making any promises this time, but you never know...

Reading back on my old posts, it is so funny to see how much has changed. In a blog post I wrote on January 7, 2012, I discussed how I definitely did not want to become a doctor the way everyone expected me to, just because of my dad. I passionately state how I want to do something with writing when I am in college, because writing makes me happy. And yet...

I am about to go into my senior year of college. And guess what? I went the pre-med route. I will be taking the MCAT in exactly 18 days from now (something I should be studying for instead of writing this blog post...). I am constantly stressing about who to get letters of rec from, wondering if I'll get into medical school, and imaging myself in my white coat.

It's funny how things change. It's also kind of sad. Even though I don't regret going the pre-med route; I regret becoming complacent with my writing abilities, and I regret maybe not making every decision with the thought that "this is what will make me happy." I'm blabbing now.

I did go into college thinking that i would major in English, but I wasn't sure where this would take me. I ended up majoring in Child Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience, and on the pre-med track, and I am set to graduate in exactly...10 months. Oh man.

Anyway. This post was nostalgic and I miss blogging, even though I'm sure no one will be reading this. So it is basically like I am standing on a stage in an empty auditorium, whining about growing up. Maybe I will come back to this blog. Maybe.



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