Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Let's admit it, every one has uttered a swearword at least once in their lifetime (if you haven't, hats off to you! That is some willpower right there). Whether it be because you slammed your finger in the car door, or because you are feeling any sort of strong emotion, it's justifiable from time to time.

What isn't justifiable however, is when I hear a sentence that goes something like this:
"#$%, that @#$^ girl just @#@! took my $%@ $#%$, and now she's #$#%^ staring at me. #$%@."
(feel free to fill in the blanks with words of your choosing.)

Really? Was that absolutely necessary to have seven swear words in your sentence?

That's one of the biggest thing that irritates me about teenagers (yes, I do realize I myself am a teenager. Doesn't stop me from being irritated though). I'm sure being in school for ten to thirteen years has broadened your vocabulary enough so that you can express yourself using words other than obscenities. It's trashy.

Here is a relevant image (also, I just like putting up images with my blog posts.):

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  1. hahaha I love you Fatima but i defiantly agree, people have a tendency to over use them.... Just a tad ;)