Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not cool, not cool.

Okay, okay. I'll admit it. I get irritated very easily.
I throw temper tantrums about the littlest things, because some things that some people probably don't even notice inject fury into my very core and make me want to scream until my head explodes.

...maybe that's an exaggeration. But for real. People that know me pretty well get to listen to my little rants about stupid things, and there's so many of them (take note that this list has been shortened).

1. Used tissues lying around. I cannot even begin to describe how much this irritates me. I don't care what it was used for, if I see a crumpled up tissue lying anywhere but in the trash, I will be pissed.

2. When people say "funner." It literally makes me cringe. Merriam Webster says it's sometimes used, but i'm going to just take that as a no.

3. Misusing your/you're. "Your silly!" "My silly what?"  It is really not that hard to figure out which one you're (see? I used it correctly!) supposed to use.

4. Unnecessary swearing.

5. Tangled headphones. (They must be doing a tango in my pocket, how else would this happen?)

6. People who constantly talk while watching a movie. I'm sorry, can I please hear about what your little sister did after we find out who stole the money? Thank you.

7. Girls(/guys but it's usually girls, i've found) that scream when they see each other. I didn't really want to hear out of my right ear anyways, so muchos gracias for shrieking your friend's name like you haven't seen them in twelve years.

8. When boys do this. It creeps me out so much.

9. People that talk with their mouth full. Need I elaborate on this?

This is a little embarrassing, but this is just a glimpse at my pet peeves.

Betcha didn't know I was so irritable just by looking at me, huh? Click here to see a playlist of  videos about annoyances from one of the most awesome people on YouTube.


  1. I can't agree more with number three! My big thing is anyways. Anyways is not a word, and should be banned from the world. Using bad grammar like that actually makes a person sound stupid, even if they are the most capable person in the world.

  2. Ok let's talk about number 4. I could not agree with you more!! When people do that it just makes them sound so shallow. And number 8 made me laugh. Justin Bieber. Hahahaha.

  3. HAHAHAHA Fatima I enjoyed reading this! :D I especially enjoyed number 8.