Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Picture this:

It's one of those classic scenes from movies and TV shows. The main character is faced with a dilemma, and is torn between doing the right thing and doing what they want. Just when they are about to break down and give into their temptation, however, a holy, beautiful angel dressed in all white, usually carrying a harp, poofs onto their right shoulder.

This angel talks some sense into them, and tells them to do the right thing.

The character is now leaning towards doing the right thing, when poof! Another figure appears on their left shoulder, but it's...the devil! The devil is in all red, wearing horns, and usually has a scowl on his face. The devil tells the character how happy he will be if he gives in to his temptation, and usually takes a couple of jabs at the angel.

Well, I feel like my devil and angel popped up for a moment today, right after I opened the fridge.

Do you see this?! Do you see this? My mother brought this home the other day for us, excited about how delicious it looked. Nothing that delicious can be good for you (even though it is only 90 calories per two tablespoons which I guess isn't that bad. BUT STILL.)

I stood in front of the fridge, doors open, pondering...

Should I have some?

No, it's not that healthy. I could eat something healthier.

But it looks so good!


My angel won out this time around.


  1. Calories mean nothing. Eat it. Enjoy it. Tell that angel with the harp to shut his face cuz you're about to stuff yours.

  2. That looks delicious... It is actually making me hungry right now...