Monday, December 12, 2011

Hating Technology.

I am extremely upset right now.

Like, really really really upset. Pissed off, you could say.

Technology is being a little bitch to me right now. I'm just going to swear, because as my older blog post said: it's okay to swear when you feel really strongly about something, and I think that right now is a perfectly acceptable time to be doing so.

I made a vlog. For AP Comp. And I said stupid things and made a fool of myself, but I wanted to upload it because...why not? But then every single computer in my house linked elbows in a Red Rover fashion, blocking me from posting a video talking about things not many care about online. 

Maybe I'm over reacting. 

But am I?! This video is about 150 MB. 5:20 minutes. I've tried to upload it using three different computers, two types of editing software, and two types of file extensions to MAYBE make it work. But nope. 

Also I gave Google really sassy feedback, and it's all like "Submission failed. Please try again later."

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  1. Such rage! Technology is pretty much evil sometimes.