Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Fatima's Expensive Face (Are the Glasses that Apparently Make them So)

I had to refilm it and it took like 6.5 hours to upload, but...



    I will use your format to respond to everything..
    1. You are cute
    2. The comment that flashed up made me laugh.
    3. "So don't even go there.." I WOULD. But I can't now that you've made a vlog. (which by the way you should have warned me about posting so I could know to make a few last comments)
    4. I like your first pair. They are very intelligent looking.
    5. Pretty much the story that goes with your second pair is hilarious.
    "I didn't step on them...but they ended up under my knee."
    Also I like that your mom super glued them so you could see Harry Potter.
    6. It's your face. Your face is crooked.
    7. When you leaned forward to show the reflection, I leaned in too. It felt awkwardly intimate, except there was a computer screen between us.
    8. Um. Okay so you're going to have to do another one that talks about your falling down the stairs experience.
    9. I like watching your thought process.
    11. I like the annoying friend analogy, except snow is my best friend. So that's not cool.
    Fatima. You're ridiculous. In a good way. I'm so glad you [[finally]] posted this!

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  3. Favorite parts:
    The screen capture of Kira's suggestion.
    The part when you said "I don't even celebrate Christmas"
    I have no idea why the second one was funny, but it made me laugh out loud.
    (Also, I'm cookiechecker, I just didn't want it to show up that way. Because you wouldn't have known it was me. Okay, bye.)

  4. I like this list thing and number comments are fun so I am going to go with that.
    1. "No, okay. I don't appreciate that." hahaha <3
    2. Facebook comment thingy = brilliant. Love.
    3. I like your hair.
    4. I like your sweatshirt.
    5. I had glasses like your first pair in 6th grade too...! (I don't know whether to be excited or embarrassed about that because you def compared them to a granny...)
    6. Too cool for sponge bob? I see...
    7. You def have crocked ears... Awks.
    8. Ditto Kira's comment about "I didn't step on them but they ended up under my knee..." <3
    9. Your face would be expensive without the glasses. (Take that how you will...)
    10. I loved your finger counting. It was just... Great. Wonderful. Fantastic. :)
    11. I get it, I am like snow... Maybe I'll try avoiding you so you can miss me...
    12. Wow guys way to set the bar. Now I need to make an amazing vlog too...
    13. Brainstorming vlog ideas starting... now.