Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet Zainab.

For my (now self-assigned) weekly blog post, I decided I wanted to do something different this time. Mostly because I didn't have anything to rant about, and I couldn't think of what to write about in general. 

I put the burden on my little sister, and interviewed her. My sister is very sassy most of the time, which sadly isn't obvious in this interview because she felt a little put-on-the-spot. She can also be a tad judgmental, especially toward me. She's usually embarrassed by me...whatevs. 

She's a fairly snappy dresser, she sews, and she likes to make food. In other words, she is in some ways more mature than I.

Name: Zainab
Nicknames: Zainoo
Birthday: March 1, 2001
Age: 10

What's your favorite part about being in the fourth grade?
...I'm in fifth grade.


What's your favorite part about being in the fifth grade?
You get to be the oldest in the school. And you get to have kindergarten friends. 

Who's your kindergarten friend?
His name is Nick. and another one named Ben. His sister's in my soccer. 

What do you do in your spare time?
Um...I watch TV. Or read. Or do my iPod. movies. 

What is the magic formula for success?

Study what?
Study what's on the test. Or study what you need to know.

hat do you do to relax?
Read in bed. Or paint my nails.

Who’s your favorite singer and why?

Demi Lovato because she's a good singer.

hat do you do for exercise?

Play soccer!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A businesswoman. 

Because i'm going to make my own store. 

What are you reading lately?
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Weee! *rolls over*

ow much of Hollywood is superficial?
What does that mean.

*I explain*
...I don't know! Like...people who lip sync in concerts.

When the aliens land on Earth, who will be the first person they talk to?

The president because he's the president. 

f you could be any animal, what animal would you be?
A bear because they're my favorite animal, and you get to eat all day and sleep.

Which celebrity has the best style?

Teddy Duncan. Bridget Mendler (the actress that plays Teddy Duncan).

What do you like about her style?
She wears like cardigans and stuff. And her shoes, because she wears boots with leggings. and dresses and stuff.

Famous quotes:
--- Her reaction to when our brother kept teasing her and wouldn't leaver her alone.

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