Saturday, February 18, 2012


"What do you want to study in college?"
"Um, something to do with writing."
"Oh, so you want to write books?"

It's crazy how many people jump to this conclusion when I say that I want to "do something with writing" when I'm older. Even I thought writing books was the main attraction to having a career composed of words, words, words (haha). Every so often someone will ask me if I what I meant to say was that I wanted to be a journalist, because that's what they think of.

Nope, I guess writing can't have different branches like science. If someone gets the answer "something to do with science", there'll be a million guesses. What kind of science? Biology, Chemistry, Physics? What kind of career? Do you want to be a doctor (what kind of doctor?)? An engineer? Astronomer? Geologist?

"I want to write." " books?"

Why? Why. Seriously.

Not all writing is the same, just like not all science is the same. I say this as I sit here, struggling to write my first "official" article for the Trojan Tribune. Even AP Comp and AP Lit writing differed drastically.


  1. Oops, I feel like I'm one of those people...

    Also, I'm not even kidding, I had just gone to my favorites tab before opening this, and I had bookmarked the Bo Burnham tickets page and I taunted myself by clicking on it and seeing (again) that it's sold out.

    But...what do you want to do with writing?

  2. Maybe Bo will help me focus :) thanks for linking it haha :) I am really excited for you to be a published journalist in the Trojan Tribune. I feel like we need to celebrate that, like frame the article or something...

    Yeah and I have a problem with that too. Because I have always contemplated going into writing but I don't know what I would do with it. All the focus is on writing books or journalism. Neither which I think I could do (don't think I am good enough to write books, I don't like talking to strangers too much to be a journalist...) so that is why I have turned to a new professional interest.

    So (whether or not the beginning of my comment made sense) I ditto Kira's question, what do you want to do with writing?